About me

Most recently, I worked for two years as the Editor of the sports section at the Bremen-based newspaper Weser-Kurier. Before this, I completed my Volontariat (education to become a journalist in Germany) there in a shortened time and still work for the newspaper as a freelancer for different departments.

I made my way into journalism as a teenager. In the beginning, I worked on a voluntary basis as videogame tester and editor and made my first experiences as a writer. During this activity I  visited E-Sport tournaments and reported from the GamesCom in Cologne. Before my Volontariat, I had a one-year internship at Content Fleet GmbH in Hamburg, a news agency specializing in search engine optimization.

Because of my interest in politics and society, I attended workshops and participated in projects about the EU or the Castor transport. During this time, I first was a member of the youth press in Baden-Württemberg and later in Hessen.

Social commitment is very important for me. As a founding member of the Bremen-based association “Signal of Solidarity” and a volunteer in the Croatian NGO “Are You Syrious?” I am engaged in  local and international refugee aid projects since October 2015. I am happy to support other charities with my knowledge and skills. Just contact me, and we will find a solution for whatever you need for sure.